Youth Services

Types of Youth Services offered by Don Bosco in India

Daily Oratory -Youth Centres

Academic Schools

Technical Education Institutes (both formal and non-formal)

Short-term skill development centres

Higher Education Institutes (University, Colleges, Polytechnic)

Services for youth at risk (street children, marginalized, young prisoners etc.,)

Youth Animation centres

youthCounselling centres

Vocational Training centres

Centres for career guidance and employment

Social Action and social service centres

Communication institutes, publications for youth

Media studies and media production centres

Youth Research and Development Centres

Working in prisons all over the country

After-care centre for young prisoners

Evening and night schools for the poor

Centres for physically challenged youth

Centres for HIV affected and infected youth

Community Colleges


Boarding and hostels for all types of youth

Distance Education Centres

Agriculturalcolleges and institutes

Gypsy reach out programmes

Printingand Designing institutes

Dropout Prevention Institutes

Transit schools

Women Empowerment Associations (SHGs)

Multi-Disciplinary resource centres

Youth Movement

Centres for refugees and Migrants

Scholarship and sponsorship programmes for youth

Computer software and hardware training centres

Community centres for neighbourhood

language instruction centres